Train with our powerful non-motorized treadmill Superb Runner that harnesses user´s own kinetic energy instead of electricity. Enjoy authentic running experience thanks to the drive system with almost no friction and with the maximum movement freedom.

The treadmill is suitable for the beginners as well as for the advanced users because the running speed is based on your own strength and speed. Because of the increased energy input, in comparison with the training on motorized treadmill, you can burn 30 % more calories and additionally you engage other muscle groups.

LCD monitor

Manual treadmill is also equipped with the LCD monitor that provides you with information about your time, distance, speed, burnt calories, watts, pace and also heart rate, if you use wireless chest belt (not included). The monitor also offers various training possibilities. Whether it's interval training, where you have a choice of six pre-set training sessions, including H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training) or you can set up also your own intervals. There are also target time, distance, calories and heart rate programs available to choose from. Moreover, you can use program COMP which allows the coach or the user to set predefined training program in the monitor targeting calories, time or distance.

Easy to Move and Adjust the Angle

In the front part of the treadmill there are two transportation wheels which allow you to move it to the desired place. On the bottom part of the main frame there are adjustment feet that serve not only for levelling it on the uneven surface but also for adjusting its incline. The higher the slope you set, the higher the speed you can achieve.

Because of its robust steel frame and small number of mechanical and electronic parts, the treadmill is stable and low maintenance.

Shipping Weight: 144,5 kg
Shipping Dimensions: 177 x 85 x 60 cm
Maximum Load: 180 kg


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