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Stationary Bike Renegade AirBike PM3

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Stationary Bike Renegade AirBike PM3

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Renegade Air Bike PM3 was designed for high intensity workout and is currently the only air bike on the market that enables training in standing position.

It enables full body workout – you can pedal in sitting  and standing position and simultaneously do pull and push action with your arms. Robust multi-direction sealed cartridge bearings offer smooth and quite dual action. 

You can set an additional resistance from level 1 (low resistance) to level 8 (high resistance) with the rotary knob. The resistance is controlled by a magnet that moves either closer or further from the flywheel. The closer the flywheel is to the magnet, the greater the resistance is created.

Black dipping foam grip handlebars with diameter 38.00 offer horizontal and vertical placement options to target different muscles: They also enable better, more comfortable and more versatile workout. LCD monitor offers 8 training programs, including interval training 20/30, interval training 20/10 and custom intervals. Built-In wireless heart rate receiver enables you to monitor your heart rate precisely.

Large custom polyurethane seat offers most comfort and stability. A simple locking mechanism offers convenient adjument of the height and distance of the seat to fit all users. Thick tubing stabilizers with diameter of 100.00 mm ensure stability of the whole frame. Anti-skid adjustable footstops with a 40 mm diameter offer comfortable foot rest during alternate arms training. An oval tubular frame with a thickness of 50 mm and a size of approximately 50 x 100 cm offers high stability for all users. The crank arm is made of structural steel SS41 with a thickness of 10 mm, which offers superb strength and resistance when exercising and ensures durability.

Integrated transportation wheels made of Nylon fiber with the diameter of 76 mm and thickness of 20 mm are ideal for easy transportation.

Monitor: LCD display
Shipping Weight: 83,5 kg
Shipping Dimensions: 131 x 38 x 88 cm
Weight: 74,5 kg
Assembled Dimensions: 123 x 67,5 x 142 cm
Maximum Load: 150 kg


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