Add an on water feel to your Model D or E Indoor Rower with the Concept2 Slide!

Concept2 Slide is a training tool consisting of a simple system of tracks and a wheeled carriage that runs on the tracks. Light bungee cord tension keeps the carriage centered on the base. It allows the movement of the indoor rower under you back and forth and contributes to a genuine feeling of rowing on the water.

You get a quicker catch and can row at a higher stroke rate, because you aren’t moving your body mass - you are only moving the mass of the indoor rower.

Slide also allows you to connect an unlimited number of indoor rowers together in order to create a feeling of rowing in a crew. Using Slide does not simulate just a feeling of rowing on the water, but forces you to row together and thus helps to develop timing and control of the movement at the catch. When you are using Slide it allows the indoor rower to move in both directions, hence you get the feeling of synchronous rowing in a boat. The biggest advantage of Slide is harmonizing the pace, leading to improvement of the rowing technique in a boat.

You’ll need two slides (a pair), to “float” one indoor rower: one slide each for the front and back legs. To create a team boat slide, you’ll need a pair plus a spare for each additional indoor rower you plan to connect. For example, to connect two indoor rowers, you’ll need three slides: a pair and a spare. To connect three indoor rowers, you’ll need four slides: two pairs.

Slide are made of high quality steel. Double steel frames allow a wheeled carriage that runs on the tracks to move back and forth.

Space needed:

  • Sliding single: (one indoor rower on a pair of slides) – 335 cm x 122 cm
  • Team boats: length required = (number of indoor rowers x 8.5 feet) + 3.5 feet / (number of indoor rowers x 259 cm ) + 107 cm

Level floor surface recommended.


  • Sliding single: Models D or E Indoor Rowers
  • Team boat: Models D or E Indoor Rowers


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