Exxentric Single-Turn Buckle is an essential piece for anyone looking to get the most out of their flywheel training at a low inertia level.

Product description

The Single-Turn Buckle is intended for use with the kPulley at inertia levels equal to or below 0.070 kgm² (any use of higher inertia levels may be done at your own discretion and risk). This Buckle is predominantly used for a wide variety of shoulder exercises but it can also be useful in situations where lower inertia is preferable, either due to a lower strength level or the need for a faster motion.

The Single-Turn Buckle is minimal in size, weighing just over 100 g, made out of carbon steel.

Connecting the Single-Turn Buckle to your Drive Belt is fairly simple, temporarily eliminating the need for the original Pulley Block on your device giving users an even more direct eccentric pull on the kPulley. This in turn allows the 0.005 kgm² flywheel to be used more efficiently for example.

Additional information:

  • size: 9 x 3 x 4.5 cm
  • weight: 130 g
  • compatibility: all variations of the kPulley and the kBox
  • recommended inertia level: 0.005 kgm²


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