Exxentric Medical Advanced System

Exxentric Medical Advanced System

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Complete systems including all the flywheel training devices and accessories required by medical practitioners, including physiotherapists or physical therapists and sports medicine professionals among others.

Product description

An upgraded system including the larger kBox4 Pro platform and most accessories for the serious physiotherapy clinic.

Package contains:
Exxentric kPulley2 Device - midnight blue/anodic brown
Exxentric kMeter II
Exxentric kBox4 Pro Platform - midnight blue/anodic brown
Exxentric kMeter II
Exxentric Flywheel - 0.005 kgm2
Exxentric Flywheel - 0.010 kgm2
Exxentric Flywheel - 0.025 kgm2
Exxentric Flywheel - 0.050 kgm2
Exxentric Hip Belt - standard/small
Exxentric Harness - 5 pack (XS,S,M,L,XL)
Exxentric Ankle Cuffs
Exxentric kGrips - 2 pcs
Exxentric kBar - 2 pcs
Exxentric Rotational Sling
Exxentric Foot Block
Exxentric Elevation Blocks - 2 pack
Exxentric Extension Strap
Exxentric Decline Board
Exxentric Single - Turn-Buckle
Exxentric kBox4 Exercise Poster
Exxentric Accessory Rack - Freestanding/Wall mounted


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