Exxentric LegFlexx

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The Exxentric LegFlexx is a one of a kind leg curl machine that expands users’ capabilities when it comes to training the entire hamstring muscle group. Its seated arrangement maximizes muscle hypertrophy, while its wide-ranging flywheel training benefits, such as unlimited and variable resistance, allow users to safely train at their own maximum capacities, given the machine’s adaptability to all kinds of strength levels from beginners and recovering physiotherapy patients to professional athletes.

Beyond the above mentioned benefits of eccentric training, the LegFlexx allows users to control range of motion, thereby enabling you to safely work on improving your end range strength and target weak points with isometric holds.

The mobility of the LegFlexx makes it unique in comparison with other leg curl alternatives due to its practical handles & wheels and absence of a weight stack. This makes the machine suitable for flexible facilities, circuit training, and more.

No assembly is required upon arrival, unless you opt for one of the unassembled shipping options, which will include a detailed guide.

Package contents:

  • LegFlexx Machine with:
    • Pre-attached Drive Belt
    • Built-in wheels and handles for enhanced mobility
  • kMeter feedback system
  • XL Flywheel


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