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The kMeter II comes built-in with all kBox4 Pro, kBox4 Lite and kPulley devices since May 2018. It is also available to buy as an add-on to the kBox4 Active.

Product description

The kMeter II system is developed specifically to accurately monitor power and energy as well as estimate force during strength training on the kBox. It is used by coaches and physiotherapists as well as directly by athletes and patients. The system measures the rotation of the flywheel wirelessly with high accuracy and uses a smartphone app with a simple and accessible interface to present key training results, including:

  • concentric and eccentric power
  • range of motion
  • force
  • eccentric overload
  • energy expenditure

The kMeter system consists of two parts: the wireless transmitter connected to the kBox and its corresponding app.

kMeter App

The kMeter App can be downloaded for free and installed by every user of a kBox equipped with the kMeter Module. Users can monitor the results directly on his or her mobile device and are able to save, browse, share or even export to excel for analysis.

The latest version of the kMeter stands out for its remarkable ability to sample data up to rotational speeds of 155 revolutions per second. It has a sample rate of 10000 Hz and it receives 64 impulses per revolution of the flywheel.

  • built-in – kBox4 Pro, kBox4 Lite, kPulley
  • available for – kBox4 Active
  • compatibility – kPulley, kBox4 Active and all kBox4 Lite & kBox4 Pro devices produced since May 2018, kPulley, kBox4 Active and all kBox4 Lite & kBox4 Pro devices produced since May 2018
  • sample rate – 10000 Hz (155 revolutions/second)


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