Exxentric kBox4 Lite – Advanced Plus System

Exxentric kBox4 Lite – Advanced Plus System

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kBox4 Lite systems include the mid-range kBox model, perfect for users who frequently travel but refuse to compromise on their training.

Product description

Due to its low weight, at just 9.5 kg, and incredible capabilities, including the built-in kMeter II feedback system, the kBox4 Lite is a hit among travelling teams and all kinds of facilities who wish to make the most out of their floor space.

The kBox4 Lite Platform is made in Sweden from powder-coated aluminium, with details made of anodized hardened carbon steel and aluminium, and high-friction rubber. This model has a CE-marking Certificate as a Medical Device. The kBox4 Lite can simultaneously hold four Flywheels of up to 0.050 kgm² each, with the maximum inertia level being 0.200 kgm².

Exxentric kBox4 Lite Advanced Plus System

The kBox4 Lite Advanced Plus System provides more users with the opportunity to benefit from a wider range of exercises with a multitude of accessories. The accessible inertia range with this system goes up to the maximum allowable 0.200 kgm².

Package contains:
Exxentric kBox4 Lite Platform - Mignight blue/Anodic brown
Exxentric kMeter II
Exxentric Flywheel - 0.010 kgm2
Exxentric Flywheel - 0.025 kgm2
Exxentric Flywheel - 0.050 kgm2
Exxentric Hip Belt - Standard/Small
Exxentric Harness - 5 pack
Exxentric Ankle Cuffs
Exxentric kGrips
Exxentric kBar
Exxentric Head Harness
Exxentric Foot Block
Exxentric Elevation Blocks - 2 pack
Exxentric Extenstion Strap
Exxentric Flywheel Bag
Exxentric Accessory Rack - Standing/Wall Mounted
Exxentric Cover Mat


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