Exxentric Floor Attachment Kit

Exxentric Floor Attachment Kit

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The simple solution for keeping your kBox in place when performing exercises that require you not to keep both feet on the device. This Floor Attachment Kit is now included as a standard component with every kBox4 system.

With this Floor Attachment Kit you can easily fix your kBox to the ground for exercises where your entire body weight is not placed on the device itself to keep it stable (for example Lateral Squats).

The kit consists of an attachment plate and a cam lock belt. This package is included with all models and can be used for attaching the kBox to the floor. The attachment plate will need to be fixed to the floor or a heavy wooden board. The kBox will then be anchored to the plate by the belt. Suitable screws to attach to your floor type are not included.

To see how the Floor Attachment Kit is used, please watch our tutorial.

For the kBox4 Pro device you may also want to consider the 4-point Floor Attachment Kit.


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