The Exxentric Ankle Cuff is the key to broadening your flywheel training experience with isolated lower body exercises. It is comfortable, versatile, durable and light.

Product description

The Ankle Cuff is designed for leg exercises such as knee pulls, hamstring curls (standing, prone or seated) and leg extensions, hip adduction and abduction. Straight Leg Hip Extension or a push-extension (eccentric) combination is great for anyone aiming to improve hip extension power, horizontal force production, sprint ability or injury prevention. Applications can be widespread in many different fields whether it’s for performance, rehab or general fitness. The Ankle Cuff is known for its comfort, versatility, durability and lightweight design specifically catering to flywheel training.

The Ankle Cuff is a lightweight accessory weighing only 150 g. It always comes in a pair, so it can allow you to seamlessly switch between legs as you balance out your sets or you can use it interchangeably between a large group due to its adjustable size.

  • size: adjustable
  • exercises: knee pulls, hamstring curls, leg extensions, hip adduction, hip abduction
  • compatibility: kBox, kPulley

Due to recent rebranding efforts this accessory may still feature the previous Exxentric logotype. Nevertheless this won’t affect the functionality of the accessory in any way.


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