Extension Beam (kPulley1 only)

Extension Beam (kPulley1 only)

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The Extension Beam is essential for users of the first generation kPulley (not the kPulley2) wishing to maximize its versatility. It adds a substantial amount of length, yet it’s light and easy to mount.

The Extension Beam can help facilitate such exercises as triceps pushdown, lateral pulldown or hip adduction among others. This accessory can be particularly useful for taller individuals around 180 cm (6′) and above.

It’s easily mounted in a similar fashion to the standard beams that come with the kPulley. For guidance on how to properly mount the Extension Beam, please watch our tutorial below.

The Extension Beam makes your kPulley device able to set the accessory connection point 45 cm (1′ 7.5″) higher. It requires a ceiling height of 225 cm (7′ 5″).

Additional information:

  • length: 45 cm
  • weight: 1 kg
  • exercises: rriceps pushdown, lateral pulldown, hip adduction, neck strengthening exercises and more
  • compatibility: kPulley


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