Endless Rope Trainer aerobis revvll PRO

The unique endless rope with 6 options for setting the resistance designed not only for the professionals.

Highest quality for private users, personal trainers, and gyms, completely made in Germany. It uses a mechanical and progressive braking system for its 4 m long rope made of durable polyurethane. The rope of the revvll ONE can be moved in both directions It doesn’t require a special tutorial and is very easy to attach.

This endless rope is suitable for multi-purpose training. The rope can be moved in both directions, you can train with it in both standing and sitting position and therefore offers endless training possibilities. By using it you can train endurance as well as muscle explosion, strengthen and reshape your body, gain muscle mass and also improve overall physical fitness. The rope is also suitable for outdoor training, crossfit or other circular training, where there is enough free space or where it can be attached to the ground or to the wall.Since the revvll PRO can be adjusted in 6 different resistances, however, everyone will find the right setting for their training, from rehab patients to professional athletes.

Due to its rigid construction, it is highly resistant aginst the damage even under extreme loads. With a total weight of less than 6 kg it can be used almost anywhere.


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