Endless Rope Trainer aerobis revvll ONE

Robust, mobile rope trainer with contiuously variable resistance setting.

Highest quality for private users, personal trainers, and gyms, completely made in Germany. It uses a mechanical and progressive braking system for its 3.5 m long rope made of durable polyurethane. The rope of the revvll ONE can be moved in both directions It doesn’t require a special tutorial and is very easy to attach.

This endless rope is suitable for multi-purpose training because it offers smooth variable resistance. Since the resistance is very easily adjusted between very easy to extremely hard the revvll ONE is well-suited for beginners as well as passionate rope climbers that want to elevate their abilities to the next level.

Its robust construction makes it perfect for rope training beginners. With a total weight of less than 5 kg it can be used almost anywhere.


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